Our commercial team is headed by Matthew De Wet and offers specialist advisory, drafting and structuring services dedicated to progressing commercial structures and transactions of various kinds. 

We constantly deal with a very wide range of commercial transactions and structures, such as contract negotiation & implementation; joint ventures; sale of business; mergers & acquisitions; service level agreements, heads of agreement and letters of intent; agency, license & mandate agreements; share subscription, sale of shares; shareholders agreements; loan, finance and funding agreements; franchise agreements and registration of trusts.  

Accordingly, we are well equipped to assist in progressing your commercial transactions while ensuring asset protection and risk mitigation.  

Shareholders Agreements
Why do I need one?
DWDP_ShareholdersAgreement.pdf (454.83KB)


Litigation is the process of taking a case through the court procedure. Our litigation team is headed by Annerine Du Plessis and offers civil litigation services both in the Magistrate’s Court and the High Court. We brief trusted advocates, where required, with whom we have very strong professional relationships. Whether you are trying to evict a tenant, sue for moneys owed to you, claim damages for a breach of contract, applying for a divorce or otherwise, we can assist. We can also do research on specialized legal topics and compile legal opinions.

The old saying rings true: time is money. Taking a case through the court procedure can be a costly and time-consuming exercise. It is for these exact reasons that mediation is the perfect alternative to dispute resolution. Mediation minimizes legal costs and saves time in order for the parties to reach a speedy settlement. During mediation the parties maintain control over the dispute and the mediator only fulfills the role of a referee. The entire mediation process is confidential and the relationship between the parties is preserved. We promote mediation before litigation as a form of dispute resolution. Annerine is a trained and experienced mediator who has seen the value of mediation first hand. 


Are you in need of a liquor licence? Amendments to the Western Cape liquor regulations came into effect on 1 July 2017. Significant more information is required when applying for a liquor licence. At DWDP we can help you to familiarize yourself with the liquor legislation to ensure that you and your business trade responsibly.  We can assist with the any of the following licence application types: 

• On-consumption
• On-consumption
• Off-consumption
• On- and off-consumption
• Special Events
• Temporary licence
• Permanent Licence
• Distribution licence
• Renewals

Annerine has valuable experience and has developed a good working relationship with, and understanding of, the Western Cape Liquor Authority. Annerine has a strong attention to detail and ensures that everything is in order before submitting her applications to avoid unnecessary delays which can very negatively affect the business. 


It’s an exciting time and there’s so much to do, but have you considered a marriage contract? Thinking about a marriage contract is not as exciting, but it is so important. 

We will make the process quick, easy and painless. What are your options? You as a couple will have to choose how your assets are treated once you get married. You can either get married in Community of Property, Out of Community of Property (with accrual), Out of Community of Property (without accrual). 

If you decide to get married out of community of property, you will need to sign a marriage contract. See out marriage brochure which can be downloaded below. 

Marriage Brochure
An overview of the matrimonial property options available to a couple
Marriage brochure .pdf (250.4KB)